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Wendy's Kids Meals: Serving up good food and good times.

Kids love Wendy's Kids' Meals, and you should, too. That's because Wendy's combines good food with nutritious food choices, along with a toy experience that's good fun for both of you to share.

We know that kids can be finicky eaters. But even some of the pickiest of kids can find a Wendy's Kids' Meal that tackles their taste buds. And, Wendy's offers delicious and nutritious yogurt, as well as apple and orange juice, too. Now that's something you and your kids can feel good about!

Experts tell us that mealtime is the best time for families to bond. So to round out your meal together, each Wendy's Kids' Meal comes with a toy specifically designed to provide a few minutes of simple play for you and your child to enjoy. We also have special toys for kids under age 3. It's all part of our Kids' Meal program we call Pause. Play. Together.® only at Wendy's.

With lots of choices, nutritious options and toys that bring you together, even some of the most finicky moms can feel good about taking their kids to Wendy's.

Adventures, games and activities for everyone

Every Kids' Meal comes with one of five surprise
play-together toys. We know family time is important to you. That's why every Kids' Meal toy is specifically designed for you and your kids to play together, even for just a few minutes. We call it Pause. Play. Together.® and it's only at Wendy's. Surprised?

Kids' Meal premiums available
while supplies last!

Boost Your Calcium

Calcium helps keep teeth and bones strong at every age. Do you know all the differently delicious places you can find it at Wendy's?

cheeseburger milk
Wendy's Kids' Meal Cheeseburger
10% daily value*
2% Reduced-fat Milk
30% daily value*

*Daily value based on a 2,000 calorie diet

Hey, Mom ...

You can choose, too! Choose your side at no extra charge.

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